Why do you have ads on your videos on YouTube?

The ads that appear on our YouTube channels allow us to continue to make high-quality content and make it available freely to people around the world. We simply would not exist without them. 

However, there are a number of ad-free or ad-limited options available. You can learn more about these options and make a choice that suits your family here.

If you prefer to watch on YouTube, keep in mind that the ads are not chosen by us in any way. They are based on browser usage, location, demographic, etc. For the most part, YouTube's system does a good job of weeding out inappropriate ads for its kids content unfortunately, no system is perfect and some ads do slip through the system. If you have a link for this particular ad that you feel should not be on a children's video, we can let YouTube know. However, it is not guaranteed that you will no longer see that ad. 

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